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Used as an adjective to emphasise something satirical, suggestive or humorous or simply to add a cheeky twist to a sentence or phrase. It should be said with loudness and extension. This word is designed to be used at parties and social gatherings for that extra banter.

When saying ‘norty’, you should say the ‘o’ and ‘y’ for a long time (‘nooortyyy’) to achieve the desired effect.

In it’s rarest cases, it can be used as a filler to break tension and awkwardness. It has such versatility, you can say it at the start of any sentence or phrase.
‘Proper norty sesh’/‘You norty boy’
Norty 4AM breakdown vibes’
‘Norty third lockdown tings
‘Norty *insert name here* having loud sex so that everybody can hear’
by nortyboy22 February 01, 2021
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