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1. A very versatile word, punning on "cunt" and "country"; usually refers to a large congregation of people otherwise viewed as cunts. Emphasis must be placed on "cunt" when speaking in order not to confuse your listeners with its homonym "country".

2. On that note, there is also a distinct military or governmental association with the word, in the sense that "cuntry" can reference a sort of cavalry of cunts. Of course, the two definitions share much in common, and this second is only intended as a clarification.
"Do you see the CUNTry over at that table? They will *not* shut the fuck up about their hair."
by nonmerci April 14, 2009

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A combination of "universe" and "cuntry" (please see definition), used to describe times when the individual feels like the universe is 'fucking with' them, or, in other words, being cunty. Similar to the concepts of karma and dharma, the unicuntry can be used to express dismay or ambivalence if the course of one's life is not going as one would like.
What did I do in a past life to deserve such scorn from the unicuntry?

My boyfriend broke up with me and my dog just died...the unicuntry is clearly at it again.
by nonmerci April 15, 2009

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