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A myth that claims that Asian Americans are all smart, quite, assimilated and get by without any help. It ignores all the bad in Asian American communites and creates a false ideology. It was created in the 1960s to stop the civil rights movement by claiming that Asian Americans get by on their own.
Just because I am Asian American and wear glasses does not make me your model minority.
by noise June 8, 2005
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Person of Asian decent who is also an American citizen. There are many different Asian Americans. Some have ties to their respective countries in Asia, some don't, and some find a middle ground.
Japanese American, Chinese American, Indian American, Korean American, Vietnamese American, etc...

I am an Asian American.
by noise June 8, 2005
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Store that became infamous because they won't hire minorities and for creating a t-shirt that set back the Asian American movenment 100 years.
Person 1: Hey have you seen that A&F Two Wongs make it white shirt?
Person 2: Yeah, that's some racist ass shit. What's next, a guy with a queue pulling a rickshaw?
Person 1: (sarcastically) Haha, racism and ignorance is hilarious.
by noise June 8, 2005
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