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While taking a shit you feel the presence of an especially stubborn dingleberry. Unable to free the dingleberry you begin to wipe. The feeling of the dingleberry goes away but you are left with a clean sheet of toilet paper and no sign that the dingleberry ever existed
Joe-Do you remember last November when my IBS was flaring up and I kept getting phantomberried?
Tyler-How could I forget, you spent hours locked in the bathroom trying to solve the mystery.
Joe-It's happening again
by nohomofromcomo December 11, 2012
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When a driver eats a hard shell taco behind the wheel. The distraction and mess caused by eating the taco causes the driver to swerve erratically potentially causing an accident. Many accidents caused by D.U.I.H.S.T. occur near Taco Bell.
Joe-I totaled my car again last night after taco bell
Tyler-That's the second one this year, were you eating a hard shell taco?
Joe-Yes, luckily the cops didn't charge me with D.U.I.H.S.T.
by nohomofromcomo December 12, 2012
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