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A container that holds your pimp juice.
When that bastard shot at me, my pimp cup slipped and I done got pimp juice all ova me.
by noble knicht September 17, 2003

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an inflammation of the thyroid glands causing a funny-ass balloon thing on people's necks
When the goiter was busted, the juice fed the land.

Macr 9: 27-29
by Noble Knicht April 07, 2003

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not to be confused with botulism

any stringing together of random words and/or syllables to form a complete sounding interjection

examples: SMACK-NO-BYE!
Joe Balu, founder of the Baluism, was a crazy negro who sputtered out sentence fragments on a daily basis.
by Noble Knicht April 07, 2003

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derived from the spanish "el club de botch"

a state of being in an organization dedicated to those who complain too much and get on other people's nerves
She's so damn annoying she has a lifetime membership to the botch club waiting.
by Noble Knicht April 07, 2003

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1. an organization that one gets inducted into when they act like a bitch.
2. joe balu's "want-to-fuck-up-the-ass-list". be sure you're not a member.
1. Man, she's goin' for a lifetime membership into the Biatch Club!
2. As Joe Balu emerged from the dark room, he crossed another name off of the Biatch Club.
by Noble Knicht April 04, 2003

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Insecure hoes who got many kids with differnt fathers. still live with ther parents and they make their mother watch em while they go out and try to baby trap another brotha.
yo dog watch out fo' them pigeon they psycho hoes bitch!!!
by Noble Knicht May 08, 2003

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