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You do a girl in the asshole and proceed to cum in the poop chute, upon pulling out the girl farts the load of cum you ejaculated in her asshole, resembling a snow blower.
Man, i was doing this chick in the ass and when i pulled out she farted the cum back at me, it looked like a SNOW BLOWER.
by nippleteaser7 May 27, 2010

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When a girl gives a guy a hand job and he busts on her hand she proceeds to wipe the cum on the guys face.
Dude, i was getting a great hand job and all of a sudden she gave me a dirty windshield wiper>
by nippleteaser7 May 16, 2010

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the act of making an acronym for everything you say then expecting everyone to know what it means, hence M.A.F.E. (Making Acronyms For Everything)
boy 1: H.M.W.U.
boy 2: what the hell did you just say?
boy 1: come bro, you know!
boy 2: no? i don't?
boy 1: Hey Man What's Up! duh!
boy 2: you seriously need to stop M.A.F.E.ing!
by nippleteaser7 March 05, 2011

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