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someone who is very cynical as to the point that he would consider more than half of the entire human race as mean, rude, and obnoxious.

this is a type of person who is either ugly or fat and was picked on as a kid and now has no friends and therefore hates most everyone. he thinks he is very intelligent as well, but he's just an idiot...or fucker

see ¤bondagefairie¤
"look at that guy...calling people fuckers"

"yeah, what a fucker he himself must be"
by niliem October 14, 2005

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An exclamative(exclamatory) expression with roots to the Indian "hiyo hiyo" chant. Was used in the Lone Rangers comics and shows. And now decades later was used in music and movies as well. Although the interpretation remains much the same, large numbers of people somehow associate it with greetings(which is false).

It is used unecessarily and unsincerely these days due to most people's ignorance and failure to understand its history and true meaning.
man1:"Everyone is saying Hiyo for no reason and out of the blue."

man2:"Yes...it is used in the movie "Anchorman" and the song "Naive melody" in a completely different way."

man1:"exactly, these kids using it these days must be trying to impress people...although they're failing miserably."
by niliem October 10, 2005

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