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A high pitched straight line fart, usually short and sweet. Makes you feel proud like a king entering a room with trumpeters announcing arrival. Can come naturally or be fabricated by squeezing the cheeks and applying greater than average pressure during release. The zippy sound is more gratifying than the release. Tends to change pitch nearing the end of the event. One of those perfect farts that just simply makes you happy.
Alone at home: look left, look right, then squeeze out a trumpet fart and smile at your natural musical instrument.
Try it in a hallway or garage to produce multiple effects.
Try it against different objects or at other living things to produce multiple effects.

With Friends: Always unexpectedly trumpet fart.

"Wow what a nice surprise thanks for that trumpet fart bro"

"Dude... ...nice trumpet fart" "Thanks man"

"Wow, was that a professional trumpet player lightening up our day in a random event?" "No I just trumpet farted" "Oh nice, thanks that was very uplifting"
by nihn75 November 04, 2011
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Fucked like the world was going to end.
Would you like to apocafuck?
We apocafucked the shit out of each other.
I'm going to apocafuck your face off.
by nihn75 August 16, 2011
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