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Otherkin are people believe themselves to be the reincarnation or identify as a mythic creatures, including elves, dragons, demons, vampires, ogres, deities, etc. Related groups include fictionkin, people who think they are reincarnations or identify as a fictitious characters .

The rest of humanity who do not share their beliefs or are simply unaware of them, are looked down upon as inferior brutes.
I am a otherkin I believe I was a dragon in my past life
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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Persona Shifting A Persona Shift is somewhere between assuming a mood and the personality of their animal. Some Were Creatures have a separate persona for their "wereside", the different personae may even have memories attached to them that other persona's don't have (i.e. other persona's can't remember that event). Different personae often have different outlooks on the world, different skills, and other things like that. Learning to recognize different personae that you shift into (if you are a persona shifter) can be very beneficial in learning to extricate yourself from the mess and confusion that persona shifting can easily cause, and knowledgeable persona shifting can be beneficial, such as shifting into a persona that is calm and level-headed in a dangerous situation or shifting into a persona, at the right time, that knows how to write very well to ensure straight A's in English.
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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Where you physically feel parts of your theriotype's body without it being there (like an amputee that has a phantom limb but without the amputee's pain), like feeling an actual tail or ears. These phantom limbs can even overlap the normal limbs of one's body, such as feeling paws instead of hands.
I had a phantom shift today I felt a tail
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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Astral shifting is where the Shifter goes into the spirit world (astral plane) and shifts there. It can take a while to work yourself into the right frame of mind for this, so it's not as easy as aura shifting, which you can do anywhere and get away with. Dreaming of shifting into your animal form or of being in your animal form counts as Astral Shifting also.
I had a Astral shifting today i went into my astral plane
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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Sensory shifting is the most common type of shift, in fact, many Shifters never have any other kind of shift. In a Sensory shift, the Shifter will immerse him/h

energy, resulting in an Animal-like mood. The Shifter will feel somewhat animalish, alert, very aware, with an often-pleasurable heightened sense of their physical body. This is very like the mindset that people playing a sport and really mentally absorbed in playing get into. If you've ever gotten into a different mode of awareness/concentration/feeling when deep in a game and having lots of fun, you know pretty much what this is like. Hence the phrase, "I'm in the Zone!" The only big difference is the Shifter has a definite sense of the animal in their mood. The body temperature may go up a bit.
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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Similar to Contherianthropy, except instead of being constantly half-shifted, the basic instincts and attitude of your Theriotype are integrated into your human personality.
I am a suntherian I don't feel human
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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A Theriotype(s) is the animal(s) that a therian believes they are inside, identifies with or believes they where in a past life . The most common theriotype is a wolf, accounting for approximately half of the online therian community but can be any animal. if you want to find your theriotype is just meditate and research a lot!
"my theriotype is a wolf" said the girl "well my theriotype is a cow" said the boy
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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