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A True Fool. One to be looked down upon. They tend to use leet speak, but dont realize its true significance. They are usually 10-14 year old kids (or so) who think they are "1337 |-|4x0r5", but are really just trying to be cool.

They call themselves hackers (which is not the same as a cracker, a hacker is a programmer, a cracker is a person who breaks into computers), while they are neither hackers or crackers.

They use other peoples programs to do their simple "hacking", and usually end up getting caught.

Hackers are really cool people. Script kiddies are morons.
Hacker: I just wrote my 30th module for the Linux kernel! Linus Torvalds emails me every day, he loves my code!

Cracker: I just broke into the CIA's webpage and replaced all occurances of the president's name with "Mr. Dumbass", It's funny as hell!

Script Kiddie: j0, ph00! I ju57 stolezored me a b0rkified wind0ze 3.1 b0xor. It r0x0rz my s0x0rz. I wundr if it g0tz Linux on it? Whutz Linux anywayz?
by niffshack February 27, 2005

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B(astard) O(perator) F(rom) H(ell). The all too well-known system administrator. Usually one who has been sysadmin for too long and has either stopped caring about his users, or become too power-hungry, or maybe he's just a mean person, who knows. One day, when I start a personal network, I too wish to become a BOFH.

Bytehway: if you have a female BOFH, would that be bitchy operator from hell or something?
When the BOFH saw that I had over 100 locally-installed programs, he deleted everything, set up really strict quotas, and changed my password.
by niffshack February 27, 2005

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