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an exclaimation usually describing an explosion dude!
instead of saying KABOOM!
u gotsta say KERBLAMMO
"when thems terrorists was bombing thats place right it was all explody and it was like KERBLAMMO!!"

"nerin u r a fuckin idiot"
by nezzaNONCONFORMIST June 11, 2009

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a duck. cleary of the rainbow descrption. you know. its gonna kill you ARGH! its all like KERBLAMMO and it likes to lick peoples nazal cavaties.

but its so hot
oh god.

i wanna do it man
i just wanna shove my penis so far into it :3
fuckkin radical faggot
well nerin obviously btw if ur reading this lilli...HI =3 ahaha boredom
by nezzaNONCONFORMIST June 08, 2009

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a chick that looks like a guy. claiming to be so, her penis is usually about the size of a truck. she/he does only NATURAL drugs such as Weed or SHROOMS but is full hardcore. IS RAD. she/he gives better hugs than most. and is usually of the Gangsta persuasion ^-^
"oi isaac u seen OTIS?"
"yer bruu hes over theres"
"kewl beans dogg"
by nezzaNONCONFORMIST June 11, 2009

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