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Someone, often a student, whose extreme technolust leads them to spend their grocery or rent money on the next best thing at the risk of starvation and homelessness. Derived from vegetarian, i.e., someone who values gadgets over food.
Carol the gadgetarian bought herself an iPhone - now she can barely make rent and she's living on mac and cheese.
by newsong June 02, 2008
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A portmanteau of hysteria and epidemic, this word is for use by those of us who like to believe in the slight possibility that not everything in the world is going to hell. Whenever there is mass hysteria (by either gender) about some topic of concern that's been blown out of proportion, this word can apply.
The whole thing about wheat being terrible for everyone is a hysteridemic! Just because some people have a disease that means they can't eat it without getting sick doesn't mean it's a a bad food!
by newsong February 07, 2013
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