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A very minor official, who follows rules and regulation to the letter, however nonsensical this approach may be. Characteristic of the current Labour government in the UK. Also colloquially known as "Dickheads PLC", they follow in the same vein as health and safety nazis.
"A motorist in Waltham Forest, East London, was fined for parking on double yellow lines that were not even there when he parked his car. The lorry painting the lines had drawn around the stationary vehicle." - Jobsworth #1

"A council spent £5,000 planting yew trees to screen a new children's play area. It then dug them up again after health and safety experts advised children could fall ill if they gobbled 'several handfuls' of leaves." - Jobsworth #2
by neverbelieve August 12, 2007
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Another name for the class A drug, Ecstasy, pills.
"Love beans mate?"
"Love 'em mate."
*bosh bosh bosh*
by neverbelieve November 04, 2005
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Essentially English slang referring to the process of a pull.

Also in the US, this term may be used to describe a handjob.
"I were pullin' 'er when 'er leg fell off!"

"I was pulling him off when he got me in the eye"
by neverbelieve October 23, 2005
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Basically the same as fuck all, meaning "nothing"/"nothing at all"
Person 1: "Mate, what you doing later?"
Person 2: "Absolutely rock all ,why?"
Person 1: "Fancy a pint?"
Person 2: "Get involved!"
by neverbelieve January 29, 2009
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Slipping someone a sly one, ragging someone or in simple terms: seeing to your girl.
"I'm going home to give the good news to her."

"I gave her the good news last night!"
by neverbelieve May 14, 2008
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