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The diet trend/technique that asians (females in particular) use to aid in their conquest of fasion and trendy-ness. They starve themselves to successfully save up their money to be able to purchase anything designer and expensive.

That is why you always see slender asian females sporting the ever so glam Gucci sachels or Chanel Clutches. Forget Hello Kitty, this is a Hello Couture diet!
Ling Lee: Hey Mimi San! Let's go grab some sushi and Cocktails.

Mimi San: Sorry Ling Lee I would, but i have my eyes on a nice pair of Fendi pumps and a matching tote. I need to save my money so maybe next time.

Ling Lee: I see that you are practicing some Asian Starvation Mimi, Good luck!
by neudos1 January 2, 2010
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A friendly saying used when departing your friends. It may also be used if one is annoyed with their friend as well.
Sara: Sorry I made fun of your swisspa boyfriend, I guess I will see you tomorrow or something.

Kristen: Ya maybe. K w.e see ya bye.
by neudos1 December 31, 2010
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A word that can be used to negatively connotate a person of the African American race. Only the uneducated ignorant 'thugs' and G's.
Candy: Yo Nay-Nay, I think my man is sleepin' round again. I cant stand fo' this malarkey any mo'

Nay-Nay: Girlfriend you gots to keep yo pimpette hand strong, and knock that swisspa to tha block wit cho feline powa'

Candy: he's gone i be like k w.e see ya bye to his dump truck
by neudos1 January 2, 2010
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