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muthafuckincocksuckinmothafuckinwhore: a way to express hardcore, deep anger
Will: Gol'darn tootin!
Brendan: Naw! Thats not a good way to express anger! Try something worse!
Brendan:woah, shit...
shit tootin anger
by ne-who December 02, 2009
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pigratdickboyga: 1. A mix between a pig, a rat, a dick, and and unknown organism. 2. A insult directed while in an argument.
matthew: yo ur a fag and you like to gag on dicks u prick
josh: ya well... ur a mothafuckin PIGRATDICKBOYGA!!!
crowd: HHHHEEEEEYYYYY, OOOOOHHH, Matthew just got roasted!
pigratdickboyga matthew josh fag
by ne-who December 04, 2009
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Poostain Pancake: To poop so hard and so much, that, there is no more white in your toilet, its all brown and looks very much like a burnt pancake.
Danny: "Eeeeeewwww! Billy just shat a poostain pancake!"
Jonny: "Cool! Want some breakfast?"

poop poo poostain pancake crap
by ne-who November 30, 2009
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xbox fiend: when somebody feinds xbox
colin: yo, neil, lets play some xbox.
neil: naw, im not a feind like you.

xbox neil colin xbox feind
by ne-who December 04, 2009
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