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the love between the two siblings sockie norris and naz norris from the norris nuts youtube channel. these two have an unbreakable bond
sockie you know what, im doing it for naz. i love you naz
nockie *hugs*
by nazzysbiggestfan July 6, 2020
naz bea norris, also known as the cutest girl in the universe is a member of the youtube channel norris nuts. she's very thoughtful and the most beautiful girl you can imagine. naz's smile lights up every room she walks into. she has the cutest giggle and the sweetest smile. she deserves the whole wide world and more. sabre is nazzys oldest sister, they go by the name nabre. naz's second big sister is sockie , this duo melts my heart, they go by the name nockie. nazzys older brothers name is biggy they go by the name baz or bigaz depeding on who you ask. naz also has two younger siblings named charm and disco.

you should follow my fan account on instagram, theyre called nazzybean & thenorrisxnuts
elsa aw look at naz norris
selma yeah, naz norris is a precious human being. we must prptect her from this cruel world.
by nazzysbiggestfan July 6, 2020