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An individual who designs and sculpts an original doll over doll-makers who may use moulds, casts or kits to complete a doll.

Note: There is no word to distinguish between individuals who create, design and sculpt dolls over doll-makers who may use pre-made doll parts to complete a doll. Doll makers may be dollaneers, but not necessarily so. Dollaneer would make the distinction clear.
Two dollaneers will display a number of their latest doll creations at the Christmas Festival.
by navifrase October 30, 2014

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The art of creating paintings without the use of brushes.
A series of brightly colored plyatism paintings by local artists will be on display at this location from July 17 to August 31.
by navifrase July 15, 2016

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Beyond words to describe thee magnificence.
The view of earth from outer space was so supersplendus, the astronaut was speechless.
by navifrase April 24, 2017

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