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Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and for good reason. Soccer actually requires physical skill and mental toughness. Unlike lame US sports like football, baseball, or nascar (nascar for fuck's sake), soccer players are required to put in some effort.

Football players rest every single goddamn play. Baseball players stand in a field for hours playing with themselves. Nascar isn't even a sport--it's driving a car in a fucking circle 500 times.

For those who say soccer is a pussy sport, stop being ignorant. Football seems tough but with all those pads it's pointless. It's just a pussified version of rugby. Wow America sure screws up good sports.
Soccer is better than football because it takes actual talent.

Soccer girls are hot.

American football is retarded because they never use their feet except for kickers/punters. Call it throwball/runball/carryball/idiotball, just not football.
by nation January 28, 2006

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World's lamest comic strip. The high points may include Ziggy watching a glass of water, Ziggy opening his front door, and/or Ziggy driving his car.
Haha, Ziggy just sat in his chair. That's not funny.
by nation March 06, 2006

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An amazing talent that currently plays for Manchester United. Left Everton, probably because he wanted money. He is large and rather ugly, but can crush your face with his hand while scoring on anyone.

He's an asshole but a great football/soccer player and will be a star. Hopefully he will mature soon.
Wayne Rooney just crushed your face... and scored two goals.

"Once a Blue, now a Red. In our hearts, Rooney is dead" (Everton fans and their sign)
by nation January 27, 2006

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