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French are often referred to as "frogs." Thus, the French speak "froglatin"
What does "mais oui" mean?
It's froglatin for "of course."
by narcszm August 17, 2004
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Used by middle/upper class white folk to refer to a group of people outside of their social and economic status. Not necessarily a derogatory phrase, but often leveraged to invoke politeness or intentional ambiguity around the individuals to which they are referring.
Me: "What kind of people typically buy the Cadillac Escalade."
Cadillac Salesperson: "We get customers from all walks of life."
by narcszm June 7, 2011
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What Americans call "soccer" and the rest of the world calls "football."

"Football" is shoulder pads, forward passes, and helmets.

"Metric football" is a bigger field and poor acting to convince the officials to show their red and yellow cards.
What are you watching?
Metric football.
Football season's over.
by narcszm January 21, 2011
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