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The mission of Westover School is to provide an environment which inspires the prude, fattee, dscriminator, and insecure slut in each student. Westover challenges young women to think as we tell them to, to discount people who are not minorities, and to grow fatter and extremely depressed. Westover encourages in each student betrayal, corruption, and butt-kissing in the face of the community.

Westover, founded in 1909, is a desperate boarding and day school of 217 girls, grades 9–12, located in a boring New England town right next to one of the states most dangerous ghettos. Students represent 17 countries and 16 states.

We prepare our students to meet both the challenges of the world and the world's top colleges. However, when they meet the challenges of the world, they get raped.

Please visit the School's website for admissions information and to learn lies about Westover!
college student 1: why is that girl such a slutty bisexual anorexic druggee manipulative bitch?
college student 2: because she went to westover.
college student 1: oh that must also be why she cheats on all her schoolwork and her boyfriends!
by mypseudonymhaha September 29, 2011

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