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Oooooh look at me my username is NotoriousSlacker and I'm too stupid and uneducated to spell right.
- hey y'all look @ me im stupid
- ya we know your stupid

-oh oh im defining some word and im doing one hell of a poor job doing that
-ya we know thats why we call u stupid
by mynamealright January 09, 2005

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The adjective 'metric' defines a unit of measurment that is included in the Internationl System of Units (SI).
All countries except the USA, Liberia, and Myanmar use the SI and it is furthermore the only system of units used in scientific work.
Hihi I'm some Canadian chick and the only metric I know is some dumbass band.

Ooooh look at me, I'm dumbassly defining metric as 'even more than'...how awesome is that.
by mynamealright January 05, 2005

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