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A shit hole school, buried in between cornfields on the corner of 900 south and 300 west. This dump has a Poneto address and you will never hear about this school until one of the kids snap and kills every student in attendance... all 300 of them. Students vary from the typical alcoholic city slickers to beach nut chewing cowboys. There is very little female potential at this school.
dude 1 - hey man aren't you the kid from Southern Wells?

dude 2 - what the hell is a Southern Wells? I'm from Bluffton.
by mylifeisbrofanboy April 28, 2011

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a person, usually an overwieght male in their teens, that boss's people, primarly their teamates on an online game, such as halo or COD just for the sake of winning the game and ranking up.
Hitler - okay guys, this is a huge deal and i want to rank up so lets play it safe. i got rockets, frank you get the overshield, and jeff you get the snipes.

jeff - i dont want the snipes. you get them

frank - yeah what he said!

Hitler - if you guys mess this up for me i will remove you from my friends list and file complaint your account.

jeff and frank - dude your such a cyber hitler!

by mylifeisbrofanboy April 27, 2011

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