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The fantastic world of gay porn is arousing only to the gay man. If you jack off to it, chances are you wanna get your dick sucked by a guy. Its content filled with hot sexy bodies, and dicks. Lots of dicks. There are many types of gay sex, if you wanna watch some then have a look at these.

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Race (Not fetishizing races by any means)
Latino: ph5d0f4bfd9c086
Japanese: ph5f9f84a66a329
Black: ph5c60cd1750c7b
Hey dude! Wanna watch Gay Porn?
Ew, that's Gay
Yeah sure let's go!

And they fucked happily ever after.
by myhornygayass May 3, 2021
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An American that believes in Anti-vax, hates other races and is far too patriotic.
Josh: Hey dude, wanna hang out with my cousin?
Dave: Your cousin's The Average Stupid American, no offense.
Josh: Yeah, that's fair. I don't wanna hear about hOw vAcCIneS cAuSe aUTiSm.
Josh: Let's just hang out with Chad.
Dave: Sure, he accepts other races. Doesn't oppose modern medicine, and doesn't think that America is the only country that matters.
by myhornygayass May 3, 2021
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