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I love this band and you should love them too.

Danny (Stills)- Vox/Serenade
Aaron - Keys/Voice
Kyle - Guitar/Throat
Jake - Bass/Triangle
Danny (Cooper) - Drums
Dan - Guitar
by music1. August 11, 2006
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An Incredibly awesome band. I love most of both the albums, but I did have some favorites.

Vocals: Craig Owens
Keyboard: Bradley Bell
Guitar: Pat McManaman
Bass: Matt Goddard
Guitar: Jason Hale
Drums: Derrick Frost
Person 1 - "did you go to the Chiodos concert last night?"
person 2 - " yea, they are awesome"
Me - "I know"
Person 1 and 2 - " Who are you?"
by music1. July 19, 2006
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