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Acronym for "What is said here stays here"

Used in either IM chats or verbally
A: Oh, I have something to tell you. I am gay
B: REALLY? I need to tell my other friends.
A: But you can't. WISHSH

G: Ok.
F: (secret goes here)
by mushypizza December 21, 2010

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This is a smiley used when you are pissed at someone. The "#" represents the veins popping out like common anime characters when they are infuriated.
A: Why are you so mad at me?
B: Because you cheated on me! -.-#
by mushypizza May 10, 2009

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This shows that you are sad/ crying
The dots on the "i" are its eyes
The line of the "i" are the tears
the 0 is the mouth
A: What happened?
B: I got dumped i0i
by mushypizza May 10, 2009

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