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Euphemism for the appearance of a recipient of a massive facial cumload
Tom hadn't unloaded for two weeks, so when he came in Katie's face and hair it looked like she'd been Hit by the Yogurt Truck
by murph73 April 25, 2010

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Gullible, scientificially illiterate, unthinking acolyte and zombie-fied propagandist of the Religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming. One who takes direct orders from High Priest King of Idiocy, Albert J. Gore. One who puts the "mental" in environmentalism. Historical inheritors of those who believed that King Canute could hold back the tides and that the wolf would eat the moon unless their first-born daughter's virginity was sacrificed to the local shaman.
There are some things so blasphemous now that a devout global warmenist cannot allow his ears to be polluted with such filth...environmentalist "guru" David Suzuki stormed out of a Toronto AM640 radio interview with host John Oakley because Oakley dared to suggest that global warming might not be the “totally settled issue” Suzuki insisted it was.
by murph73 September 24, 2008

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