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Someone who wears pink clothes and claims they're faded salmon in colour. Known for drunken homosexuality. Has expensive haircuts at tony and gay when a blind person with no hands could do better.
FAGWORTH! I like the shirt, gutted your mum washed it with your pulling boxers.
by mum-^-bles February 25, 2004

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A person who resembles a horse, either in facial features or the way they eat. May consume frozen chips in a horse like manner. May have a large penis akin to a horse and therefore have to fondle it constantly, or it may be small and non existant so have to constantly check it is still present.
Q. Where's the horse?
A. Over there munching on frozen chips, holding his willy.
He's hung like the horse.
by mum-^-bles February 25, 2004

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