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any sex act that contains a work around that deems it to be lazy in nature
1. The point at which one partner wants sex but pulls the other person on top for Lazysex so as to avoid "doing all the work"

2. When two people decide they want to have sex but are just too tired so they have Lazysex sideways and convince themselves that it's really good.
by muh-drees February 25, 2011
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The act of waking (usu. in an ambien induced state of mind) in the middle of the night and posting comments on your friends' Facebook pages that you don't remember in the morning.
I think I was sleep-stalking last night--I "liked" a bunch of photos on my ex's Facebook page!
by muh-drees February 13, 2013
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Combination of the words traction and grip that describe a woman who can't seem to get past a second date.
After the last two boyfriends slipped through her fingers, her frinds realized that she lacked the ability to get good gription.
by muh-drees February 25, 2011
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