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A sexual antic performed involving penetration from the rear, a wad of duct tape hidden in the palm of ones hand and applied to the pubic region under the guise of a reacharound.
So there ya are, riding your little filly from behind. She thinks your're about to perform an act of selflessness by reaching around and giving the magic button a flick or two. Imagine her surprise when you roll a wad of duct tape through the pubic sagebrush, creating the memorable Dodge City Tumbleweed suitable for display in the bunkhouse. Hang on for the ride cowboy! You'll be leavin' Dodge City faster than you rode in!
by mslmnx November 11, 2009
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An entire class of offenses committed in the workplace by co-workers whose whole basis for advancement involves...well, you guessed it. It's not who ya know, but who ya blow!
"I don't how Hillary got the job...must have been an extraordinary act of Cumguzzlry to be sure!"
by mslmnx January 11, 2010
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Sexual act where the male partner, having covered his penis in alfredo sauce and wrapped it in fettucini proceeds to slap this rather unique culinary masterpiece upon both the forehead and anus of the female partner...the order in which each area is slapped is not significant.
"She wants you to treat her to a nice dinner, eh? Hey, why don't you take her down to Luigi's Place and give her the Hoboken Hammer! Badaboom, badabing!"
by mslmnx August 29, 2009
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