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(1). Bad or laughable fiction

(2.) Talentless hack, writer of bad fiction.

Can also refer to self delusion in regard to said fiction.

Can also be refered to as Sass
"You made a total Persiflage of that story"

"I'm sorry we can't publish your work, it's a total Persiflage"

Have you read his/her story. I can't tell him/her how bad it is he's a total Persiflage
by ms. homage August 20, 2007
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a comic nickname for McDonalds. Based on *Ron*ald McDonald, and the fact that eating too many makes you fat!
Man, I'm hanging out for a burger - Fat Ron's?
by ms. homage August 30, 2007
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Amongst stoners, Chalice describes a pint glass of water.

When you've got dry mouth, water takes on semi-religious properties, hence Chalice!
Dude - is that a Chalice you've got there?

Oh man, I'm loving this Chalice

Can you get us a chalice while you're in the kitchen?
by ms. homage August 30, 2007
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