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Short for 'metroconservative', i.e. a person of conservative worldview living in a city.

Metrocons typically derive their worldview from some sort of intellectual reasoning, as opposed to soaking up the worldview from base emotions, reflexes and socializing with like-minded people, like hardcore people of other political orientations typically do.

This makes them typically much more tolerant than other conservatives are, so metrocons are often viewed by hardcore conservatives as 'fake' or 'meek' or not genuine, somewhat similar to RINOs (Republican In Name Only), with an obvious difference, though: RINOs can be rural or metropolitan.

In short, RINOs are moderate left-liberals with some conservative tendencies, while metrocons are city intellectuals who for some reason decided to value something from conservative worldview. One notable British metrocon is Theodore Dalrymple. In US, they are much more numerous, with Jonah Goldberg and Mark Steyn being among the most prominent.
You're a metrocon, because you don't hate gays.
by mrkafk February 25, 2006

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A person who very strongly believes in principle of 'no INITIATION of force is allowed', with government being included in the most frequent initiators of force, i.e. abusers.

Libertarians typically view government as a source of fraud, economic waste, political insanity, cronyism and legally created monopolies, as opposed to the body delivering important social services (see statists). Many libertarians believe that government per se, as such, costs people more than its non-existence.

Libertarians divide mainly into minarchists (proponents of minimum government) and anarchists (proponents of no government).

Minarchists want government to be protector 'against force and fraud'. Anarchists want reliance on other social mechanisms, such as local community, common law, and free market for defence against such.

There is an important difference between classical liberals and liberatarians: libertarians advocate free market for reasons related to individual rights, while classical liberals advocate free market for social utility.

Notable examples of anarchist libertarians are David D. Friedman, professor of law, and Vernon Vinge, mathematician and scifi writer.
Libertarians believe government is monopoly of force serving the monopolists and politically connected VIPs, not the people.

There's no such thing as society, there are only individuals.

Self-interest trumps ideology.

Liberals are liars and conservatives are cowards.
by mrkafk February 25, 2006

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