2 definitions by mrgarin

When something is so incredibly soft. The softest of soft.

1. Soft as a pillow.
2. Damn soft
3. Soft as an ear lobe
4. Soft as a babies bottom
5. Baby cock soft.
damn that shits as soft as a Babies Cock! its like... Baby Cock Soft
by mrgarin September 7, 2010
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Bettina: She can be a sass smoothie at times, quick to throw her friends "under the bus" (all in good fun of course). She's pretty, stunning, hot, normally has amazing boobs and has the best personality in the world. However, don't talk to her when shes tired... She bites.
dammnnnnn that girl was HOT! ...must have been a Bettina
by mrgarin August 30, 2010
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