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the DIAMOND FOOTWANK is when a female wearing ankle socks and a short skirt (no knickers required) lies facing a male and shapes her legs like a diamond.she will then masturbate the erect penis with her feet whilst FLICKING HER BEAN. with the fantastic view the male party will see EJACULATION does not take long.
the DIAMOND FOOT WANK is best appreciated in PULIC PLACES such as car show rooms and motorway hard shoulders
by mr shush July 28, 2010
the overall taste and appearance of a VAGINA belonging to an unclean overweight female
the OUT OF DATE POT NOODLE can be found in any branch of witherspoons at various times of the day
by mr shush July 27, 2010
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POO WIFF is the result of anal sex in hot temperatures. as the penis leaves the anal passage after ejaculation the most HORRIFIC smell will occur POO WIFF.it occurs in oth the male and the female. NOTE air.con WILL NOT over power the POO WIFF
when on holiday in hot climates and you fancy sum BUM FUN the POO WIFF will occur . this will lead to an embarrasing SILENCE for the rest of the holiday
by mr shush July 27, 2010
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