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White boy problems are not real problems except for certain mostly middle class white men who are suburban home owners. While rare in non-whites, all Realtors, regardless of race seem to have them, and it has been noted to occur in virtually all suburban men in Des Moines, Iowa, regardless of race. These problems center around yard care, having the exact right glass for any cocktail, and having the right home electronics. It isn't clear if white boy problems are a consequence of sexual dysfunction, or are a psychological compensation for not getting laid enough.
Ted, "is Randy coming"
Fred, "no, he had a bunch of White Boy Problems stack up and is skipping the tailgating, and probably the game too."
Ted, "No way"
Fred, "He has a full day, a seminar at Williams Sonoma on proper beer mug frosting, his favorite author is autographing his latest yard care book at Barnes and Noble, and The Sharper Image is releasing a new manually operated Nose Hair Trimmer. Randy thinks it will cut down his carbon footprint."
by mossiears October 13, 2013

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Unconditional positive self regard is a condition common among athletes, politicians, and celebrities in general where their high regard for themselves is unconditional, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
That cornerback with "unconditional positive self regard" got burned for three touchdowns, hasn't made a tackle all day, was benched twice for blown coverage and now that he has intercepted a meaningless hail Mary off a third string quarterback with two seconds left with his team behind 42-0 he's celebrating like he won the Super Bowl.
by mossiears September 16, 2013

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