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Mongas are strips of facial hair grown on the side of the face to attract girls. See: sideburns
Cabbage has nice mongas, but Murda's are poor.
by morrie August 25, 2004

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Brooklyn is the ugliest, dirtiest slum in America. Half of the freakin place is like 99.9% black (East NY, Brownsville, Bed-Stuy) and some of the most dangerous places in America. The other half consists of run-down white and often Russian ghettos. Between all the Russian immigrants and the Bensonhurst Italians, you won't find 2 people who speak good English unless you go to Manhattan (The REAL City).
Between the cookie-cutter housing, dirty blocks, immigrants, welfare bums, and Cyrillic writing everywhere, you'll think you're in Soviet Russia.
by Morrie March 31, 2005

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