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Dir en grey (said to translate into "Coin in grey"), was founded February 2nd, 1997 by Niikura Kaoru. Dir en grey is spelled "Dir en grey", not "Dir En Grey" or "Dir en Grey", but "Dir en grey". The G is ALWAYS lower case. This band is often called Diru or Deg by its fans. Diru was originally La:Sadies back in 1995, but when bassist Kisaki left to join the group MIRAGE, they toured in Nagano under the name Deathmask with Toshiya on bass. As fans should already know, Toshiya is the current bassist. Members are as follows:

Kyo, prophet
Kaoru, lead guitar (he cheats when he plays... he tunes his guitar a certain way so that he doesn't have to move his hands around that much...)
Die, rhythm guitar
Toshiya, bass
Shinya, drums

Back when the band was first becoming popular, it was considered a visual kei group. But as of late Diru has strayed away from its visual style, and gone on to a style with less guise. Their music has a hardcore, if you will, feel to it, and features a lot more screaming than singing. Their lives are wild and crazy. Kyo has been known to scratch himself on his chest until he bleeds, and will continually punch himself in the face until that too has blood pouring from it, and tends to smear it over himself. A bit messy. Drummer Shinya is absolutely amazing, and one would not have thought a human could possibly move like that. Kaoru cheats on his chords, but other than that, is simply amazing. He writes beautiful music as well. Die is a grand guitarist, and I personally think he should play lead. Toshiya has mad bass playing skills, and they are enough to make anyone jealous. This band can hold an audience like none other. They have toured all around the globe, starting off in Asia, slowly making their way to Europe, and as of March 2006, America.
All lyrics are written by singer Kyo, who has said he will never write a song with a happy ending. Most music is written by Kaoru, although each member has written his own pieces. Kyo is a fan of BUCK-TICK, as any good Jrocker would recognize when they heard Children, and the words HURRY UP MODE clicked. Toshiya was inspired by the bassist of Luna Sea. Shinya likes to listen to pop music. Kaoru is a huge fan of hide's, and has an autograph in his home. I currently have no information on Die's musical tastes/inspirations.
Dir en grey's albums are as follows in order of release:
MISSA, GAUZE, MACABRE, Kisou, six Ugly, VULGAR, Withering to death.
Note Withering to death. is spelled with the period.
Dir en grey is a good band to start out in the Jrock genre with, but is definately the Green Day of the Jrock scene.
I am a fan of Dir en grey. I hate Dir en grey. ZOMG AI LURVE DIR N GRAY.
by mori no ike no miku October 26, 2006

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