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An adorable, black, small, cat/dog like creature that roams the moon at night. They often make noises like "brrr" or "brrrooow" when they want to say hello.
Look at that little Moon Pup!
Moon Pup just brrred at me!
Awww that thing is just so cute, it must be a Moon Pup!
by moonpup July 24, 2010
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A young, bright, intelligent, girl who is very cute almost all the time. One can almost always find people calling her cute because of the adorable, innocent things she does. Her first name is often Kendall, but sometimes she has a different name, however, it must always start with a K. You'll definitely love being around her because she's just so dang cute!
Awwww, she is such a KenKenCute!
She is such a KenKenCute, I can't stand not to hug her!
You're so adorable, your almost a KenKenCute!
by moonpup July 24, 2010
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