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A digital format widely used to backup games, music, data, whatever you want to cram on it. Soon to be outdated by the DVD
I ripped a cd-r! And it only costed 25 cents!

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A movie in the 60's starring paul newman. Theres this scene with this hot chick washing a car. mmmm.....soap
I saw cool hand luke, now I want to go to prison!

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Something the United States Definetly needs yet will never aquire because the hillbillys who run this country would rather continue to have more than 11,000 innocent people die every year at the hands of retards who cant tell the difference between a squirt gun and an M-16. So we just pretend that its ok and dont pass "Gun Control" laws because the hicks need to defend their right to blow up grapefruits in their backyards with Kalashnikov Rifles.
We need Gun Control, but Dubbya wont dare piss off Heston and his gang.

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Something that Joe Scarborough says a lot on his tv show.
Next up I'll be reading your Emails! Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Roll Tide!

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