2 definitions by monsée

monsé is hot, and I mean very hot, she's a proper baddie and you don't wanna mess with her because she will beat yo ass but at the same time she's sweet and super nice and will always hype you up and be there for you, if you want a friend go get yourself a monsé she will give you confidence and turn you into a baddie she will love you like her family.
oh hey look its monsé she looks hot today
by monsée November 22, 2021
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Ameen is a sweet sensitive girl, yes a girl, you may think ameen is only a male name but its also female, she is so pretty, smart and kind and will always be there for you, she will put your happiness before her own if your friends with ameen she will love you more than she loves herself, she's a complicated person, but once you get to know her she's a lot different, she may seem shy but trust me when you get to know her she's different!!!
oh hey look its Ameen, look how beautiful she looks today
by monsée November 22, 2021
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