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when you paint a target on someones anus then proceed to play a game of darts with your friend. bullseye would be sinking one into the anus.
I heard Drew and Kenny played a game of tunnel darts with April last night and Kenny scored a bullseye.
by mongolian mantis May 01, 2009

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when you insert your penis in a woman or man's anus then fall asleep with that person
i went out with Jane last evening and when we went back to her house she ask me to tunnel nap with her cause she thought it was romantic
by mongolian mantis April 14, 2009

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when you use your penis like a knife and scoop some butter with it then smear it on someone's anus and then have anal sex with that person useing the butter as a lube.
Doug went out with Smeegal last evening and he said that he was butter in the buns before they went out for dinner and a romantic movie.
by mongolian mantis May 03, 2009

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when one pours beer down anothers butt crack while someone is below the butt crack chuggin the beer that pours out the butt crack.
I was at a keg party last night and Tiffany was so trashed we were butt chuggin off her.
by mongolian mantis May 01, 2009

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