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The act of sexual intercourse with a woman during her menses without first removing her tampon in an effort to make “clean up” faster and easier. Typically accompanied by a distinctive “plunging” sound.
We only had five minutes before her mother arrived with the turkley, so I grabbed a beer and gave her a Boston Plumber.
by mollymoo5 October 14, 2010
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A deliberate act of sabotage through misdirection or misinformation aimed at maintaining locus of control in interpersonal interactions; often times involves deliberately withholding key information or misrepresenting policy or procedure in an effort to manipulate others, typically for personal gain.
Janie knew the intern would outshine her at the next board meeting, so she chump stumped him by telling him the APR was .01% as opposed to .1%. All of his figures were off, and he looked foolish after Janie pointed out “his simple math mistake”.

Chump Stumping can also be used reflexively

The customer had many questions about the return policy and seemed hesitant to purchase the item. Tom really needed the commission, so he answered all the customer’s questions but stumped the chump by not mentioning service and repackage fees on return.
by mollymoo5 October 15, 2010
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Entertaining one's self with mobile applications while sitting on the toilet.
"Why has Devin been in there so long?"
"He's shitgaming. Maybe text him"
by mollymoo5 September 25, 2017
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A gentle bite on the area of the inguinal ligament during ejaculation following a blow job to increase orgasmic pleasure.
Sure I get it in my hair, but the man loves a good wolf bite.
by mollymoo5 October 22, 2018
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