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Verb: to Blueth
Noun: Blueth
The verb to blueth refers to someone who is addicted or just using a bluetooth device,you will recognize these people because it will appear as they are lunatics talking to themselves while walking or shopping, you will see them laught, talk, yell to what it seems to be themselves, but in the reality they are Bluething. Blueth is short for bluetooth, an hand free device made appositaly for lazy people who think that raising an arm it is too hard, Blueth is a great device that goes in your ear like a headphone and you can speak to your friends for hours about nonsense without having to lift an arm and cramping your neck while trying to be multitask.Blueth is handfree, that means it does not involve the use of a voluntary muscle , and of course who wants to do that?Thanks to Blueth there are no more arms lifting and hand and neck cramping. I love to Blueth.
I will blueth you later!

Be quite, can't you see I am bluething?

M: "You won't believe this :I just got bluthed"
J: "what?from whom?"
M: "From Kathy man, can't believe it, my Blueth picked up her call and i got stuck talking to her for like an hour..i got soooo Bluethed!"

I love Blueth.

Got Blueth?!
by modella April 25, 2011
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Verb: to Blueth.
Noun: Blueth
The addiction toward a bluetooth device. The verb blueth refers to a person who is constantly or occasionally speaking through a Bluetooth device. People usually Blueth when extremaly bored and too lazy to hold a cellphone to their ears because that would involve an unnecessary muscle movement and neck paralysis at the end of an hour worthless conversation. So, that is why it is important to Blueth! You can still talk about nothing for the longest time, but without the extra arm lifting and hand and neck cramping.

To Blueth= to talk to someone through the use of a bluetooth device ,usually hard to see from other people.
Blueth me later
I love Blueth
Stop talking...i am bluething
I got Bluethed.
by modella April 23, 2011
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