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I don't care./I don't give a shit what you think! You don't like what I just did? (so WHAT ARE YOU gonna do about it?) Sue me!
-You can't wear an ACDC t-shirt to your brother's funerals!
-WHY! He loved ACDC!
-It's no appropriate, you can't do this!
-Sue me!
-Sir, you can't drive a vehicle without a door.
-Is that a law, I mean, are you gonna give me a ticket?
-No, it's not a law at this point, but it's unsafe, you can't do it.

-Sue me!


-Man, you can't just walk into my place like that!

- Sue me!
by mod3 April 05, 2014

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One who argues against a popular and politically correct cause or position, as a committed opponent, to convince people to reconsider their views.
-Daniel just made a post talking shit about all the refuges from Syria, saying they shouldn't come here.

-Yeah, but you know he's the devil's lawyer.
by mod3 November 27, 2015

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