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An italian liqueur. It is as strong as vodka or whisky (37.5%) but is easier to drink due to its sweetness which masks the taste of the alcohol. It tastes like aniseed or liquorice and comes in several varieties and colours, including white sambuca (which is actually clear), black sambuca(which is more like a dark purple) and red sambuca (which is actually red). It can be drunk straight, or it can be drunk with 3 coffee beans (known as Sambuca con mosca)in the glass (the beans represent health, happiness and prosperity). It can also be set on fire - a popular way of taking a shot is to light it and then extinguish using the palm of the hand. The glass then sticks to the palm due to suction. The shot is then finished while the drink is still warm.
Man, my last memory of that night was when the bottle of black sambuca I was drinking got finished...

by mobius131186 August 5, 2006
A county in Southern England, bordered by Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire. Its principal city is Reading, known for its annual rock festival.
by mobius131186 June 15, 2005