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1 (formal and not opinionated) - An internet subculture. The word incel, stands for “involuntarily celibate”, meaning that they feel they are unable to find or be in a romantic or sexual relationship with someone due to reasons that are out of their control. They often talk together on forums on 4chan, reddit, or other incel forums that can be found on specific sites for incels. They typically have a history of loneliness and poor mental health.

2 (opinionated) - Incels are a community online who seem to have large issues with the world around them, unable to cope with the rejection they receive, blaming the world around them for their misfortune/poor mental health. Most of the things they say surround stereotypes or opinions, fuelling each other's rage. They blame women, other men, and pretty much anyone for their unsuccessful attempts at finding love or sex or their plain loneliness or social issues. Although it’s unfortunate, i don’t have a lot of empathy for people filled with so much rage for the world around them. They’re stubborn and stand by their opinions about the world around them. I personally believe that these are not just lonely men, these are genuinely horrible people who choose to blame the world for their issues. they’re insecure, gross, and overall terrifying people. If you’re an incel, i recommend getting some help and working on yourself instead of sulking on your little forums blaming everyone for your shit.

get your shit together. actually try.
normal human 1 - “hey, i saw Jared on one of those incel forums.”
normal human 2 - “oh god. is he alright?”
normal human 1 - “probably not. i’m kinda scared of him though.. he’ll probably wanna kill the girls in our class or some shit. i don’t even know those guys are crazy. did you know they call women “foids”? ”
normal human 2- “ew”
by mm_m1lk December 6, 2021
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