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taking a program, and using it for a different purpose, essentially two similar programs, based off the same coding.
non-tech guy: hey bob, I need that x1117 forked by tomorrow.

tech guy: sure evan!
by misingno March 21, 2013

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1. an artifact from the lego movie that President Business wanted to use to solidify his facist empire; "krazy glue"

2. when someone tries to make something void, redundant, lame
"man, felix's rundown of Kurt Cobain's tumultuous childhood really put a kraggle on my day."
by misingno June 29, 2014

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Someone who constantly asks for copious amounts of pics to confirm your identity. Usually a common trait for men on hookup apps like grindr who are trying to hook up for the first time, nervous or just want candid shots of a dude's undercarriage
This pic pig keeps hitting me up for nudes and I've already sent him five!
by misingno January 28, 2018

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a mosh pit
Isin jumped into the hurricane of 14-23 year old wave of disgruntled youth, a veritable chromosome bath.
by misingno July 01, 2017

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