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people who enjoy skating. they do not have to be great, they just need to know how to stand and olly and ride, and have fun without showing off. skaters know wat it means to have balls and have fun with the shit they try.
skaterboarders 1: hey, you wanna go to the park and skate around?

skateboarders 2: cool, i saw some new stuff there.

skateboarders 1: awsome
by mini-logo July 23, 2006

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a person who enjoys skating. it is actually a rule that you are not allowed to be called a skater if you have ever said "sk8er" or "sk8"
skater 1: hey, i almost nailed a double kickflip this time!

skater 2: awsome! i still cant get it.

skater 3: hey! whats up ma sk8er bros!

skater 1 and 2: fuck off...
by mini-logo July 27, 2006

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