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(adj.) 1 - the fifth level of retarded philosophy, or retardism, the highest being the sixth level, known as your face.
2 - being undeniably awesome.

(nou.) 1 - a shin kick that does 9.81 damage, or otherwise, depending on what planet you are on. Commonly followed by a facepalm.

(mat.) 1 - the square root of negative retard. The term was coined by famous philosopher and all-around nice guy, Batman, in his quest to find the Holy Grail.

(myt.) 1 - alternate spelling of the Greek God Hera. May possibly an imposter, much like Aerith was to Aeris. However, this one does not die at the end of the first disc.
"gosh, that girl is so herah, she needs to go back to the retard institution."

"...and so we have demonstrated that herah is indeed an irrational number..."
by mildred the awesome May 27, 2008

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(pro. nou.) (geo) a scourge on the face of Auckland. The ghetto of New Zealand, where all the wankstas (wannabe ganstas) hang at. Although recently, there has been a rise in the number of real gangstas, accompanied by a rise in murders and thefts. Synonymous with shithole. May be used likewise.

Occasionally you get a few scholars out of there. FUCKYEAHWAT!?
"At least them gangstas in South Auckland don't go rapin' twelve year olds.. like they do in Australia."

"Man, they had to tape off the boy's toilets after i was done pulling shit outta South Auckland. Woah, that's a nasty smell."
by mildred the awesome May 27, 2008

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