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Latin. Literally means "for the (public) good".

Today, somebody working pro bono is working free as a public service.
The lawyer worked pro-bono to prosecute the KKK member for lynching black social workers.
by mikm July 29, 2005
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According to "Sean Connery" (from SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy), horsemen = whore semen.
See? Whore, like your mother, and semen! It's right there!
by mikm June 6, 2005
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Mozilla Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix used this to describe browser cookies for a very long time (up until 1.xx, if I remember correctly).
Cookies are delicious delicacies. Firefox owns you.
by mikm April 19, 2005
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If a resident of the deep south, please see wife. Otherwise, somebody you'll probably rarely meet.
Uneducated southerner: I jes' married mah secind cusin!

Everybody else: I can't come to the party. I gotta go to my second cousin's funeral, even though I never knew him.
by mikm May 31, 2005
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An add-on to various chat programs, it allows you to add horrendous eyesores to IM conversations. It claims not to install any spyware/adware, but it still installs other crap.
Smiley Central has the most godawfully annoying and ugly smileys ever.
by mikm June 7, 2005
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A programming language popular on *nix systems.

For some reason, Perl programmers find the need to write programs as small as possible. Many have attributed this to a similar phenonenom for unintelligent men to compensate for the size of their manhood by purchasing large, powerful cars. Instead of compensating by showing how immense their purchasing power (and in many cases, debt) is, Perl programmers compensate by showing how large their brains are.

Unfortunatley, this results in much Perl code to be somewhat difficult to understand by just looking at.
Somebody with way too much time on his hands wrote MoleSter, a functional P2P app in just 6 lines of perl.
by mikm January 22, 2005
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The woman a man is betrothed to. In some cases, notably among the poorly-educated in the American Deep South and the royalty in Europe, she very well be the sister or cousin of the man as well.
Redneck: I just married my cousin!
Prince John: What a coincidence, I just married my sister.

Normal people: Freaks.
by mikm June 2, 2005
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