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A lovely site with many stories about a girl named heather that more than anything else, loves swallowing penises as though they were swords
by mike rotch September 03, 2003

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Someone who believes that their music is better than everyone else's, and believes that they have the right to decide who is a poseur and who isnt.
Music Nazi: You listen to Blink182?! You poseur!

Random Guy: Actually, I never said I was punk...
by Mike Rotch April 28, 2005

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Well, the first guy said the Biafra quote, Punk aint no religious cult, punk is thinking for yourself...and so therefore, if you like GC Sum or Blink or MXPX or something...be yourself...think for yourself and stop trying to be punk and be you.

Reply: You are just listening to shit to be cool so let me be myself and do whatever the fuck i want. Its about the music, not whose a sellout or whos whatever. The most punk rock thing in the world was going against whats punk rock. THINK FOR YOURSELF
by Mike Rotch December 21, 2004

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The sound that some of the biggest "smaller" birds make, better known as pigeons. Usually hanging around parks and within downtown areas of large cities, these pigeons make a characteristic "cooing" sound.
Me: Look over there! Pigeons!
Pigeon: Cooo.....Coo....
by Mike Rotch March 24, 2005

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The time between BRACKFAHST and DINNAH'.
Time to go to lanch folks. *snaps*
by Mike Rotch October 26, 2003

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Well, people say a poseur or a poser is someone who pretends to be something they arent. But when poseur is used on kids who like Blink 182 or Good Charlotte, or even Avril, it is just a way for elitists to make themselves feel good. If you like poppunk, pop rock, plain old pop, GO FOR IT! Its all good. Only conformists listen to shit they dont like because they want ot be punk.
: Hey look at that poseur wiht the green day shirt
: shut up man, punk is thinking for yourself, let him listen to whatever he wants. Conformist bitch.
: chill out man.
: okay.
: so...
by Mike Rotch April 16, 2005

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Zombie movie with a spoof.
Shaun of The Dead is a Zomedy
by Mike Rotch January 29, 2005

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